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Warsaw Flash Camp 2009

Riafreaks at Warsaw Flash Camp 2009

Last Tuesday we participated in Warsaw Flash Camp 2009. It was such a fabulous event, that we are looking forward for the next one. What we liked the most, was the new Adobe Catalyst, which will probably make developers’ lives much easier. We would like to say thank you to people organising, sponsoring and participating in Flash Camp. Stay tuned for blog entries about technologies we have learned about on the Camp!

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Flex timer is inaccurate – sample solution


Timer is, without a doubt, one of the most useful classes in Action Script 3 (Flex and AIR frameworks). It allows you to run various tasks at specific time or repeat them in a loop for a predefined intervals. I know, it’s absolutely nothing special these days, cause it’s available in most modern programming languages, like for example in Java. And that’s why it came with a bit of a shock to me, that apparently AS3′s Timer class seems to be corrupted! I mean, it definitely is working very stable and it has all the methods you need to control it’s flow. But in some cases it’s very difficult to make it work as precisely as you would want it to.

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Warsaw Flash Camp 2009 coming soon!

Flash Camp 2009

On 9th of June the first Polish Flash Camp will take place. Any details about this conference can be found and its official website. Three members of our group will participate in this event, so watch out for our account of it!

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