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Flash Media Server vs Red5


Everyone who’ve ever tried to build any kind of rich, multimedia web application, based on some sort of flash streaming technologies, must have heard about either Flash Media Interactive Server or Red5. Most of those people if being asked, will automatically answer, that Red5 is a great, full featured alternative for very expensive Adobe’s FMS product. But in my opinion only those, who’ve ever written some serious applications using both servers are allowed to compare laudly Red5 to FMS3.

I’m definitely not saing that I’m an expert, but for the last couple of months I’ve been developing few different real time social applications using both Flash Media Interactive Server and Red5. I’ve spent many, many nights trying to get exactly the same functionalities from those two different technologies. And in fact I must admit, that  I was able to create almost everything I wanted using both of them. So the question is: why should anyone pay for the very expensive FMS if there’s a free Red5 alternative avaliable, with exactly the same functionality? And the answer is: cause even though, you can do almost everything in Red5, there are some serious differences between them, mostly in their performances, that may give you a big headache :) .

So, if you’re just in the middle of deciding which technology you want to use as your streaming service, than maybe this post will save you some time and help you choose the one that’s going to fill all your needs.

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